Daniel Sturridge disproves £22,400 court claim prize to musician who found his missing pet dog

By Piyush


Daniel Sturridge has taken to social media to rebut claims he stalled to pay a prize for the safe return of his missing dog.

It comes after a Los Angeles court ordered Sturrdige to pay local musician Foster Washington 30,085 US dollars (£22,400) for finding the lost pet.

The Pomeranian, named Lucci, was sneaked from a house in Los Angeles in 2019 with Sturridge requesting for the safe return and offering a prize on social media in July 2019.

Lucci was afterwards found by local musician named Washington who shared pictures on social media and helped reunify the pair.

Nevertheless, court documents have since disclosed a default judgment was given opposed to Sturridge after a claim was made the prize was not received.

Sturridge disproves the contentions though, claiming others are ‘trying to benefit for their own personal gain’ and the prize has already been paid to the rightful receiver.

Sturridge wrote: “Just to let you know the truth on xmas!”

“I met a young boy who found my dog and paid him a reward which he was delighted with as was I to get my dog back because he was stolen.”

“I took photos with him and we have videos and audio of everything that happened when Lucci was returned.”

“On Christmas Day to have to relive the events of a robbery is shameful.”

“Other people are trying to benefit for their own personal gain. Thank you to the young boy once again. This was 2 1/2 years ago and a crazy 24hrs. I’m very grateful Lucci is back with our family. Love to all.”

Meantime, the suppliant Washington, whose rapper name is Killa Fame, has been following the case for over a year and said he feels “let down” by Sturridge.

“Hopefully he pays up and doesn’t try to appeal it,” he voiced PA. “I’m excited about it, I’ve been fighting this case for over a year, and I can’t believe it’s over. When we found the dog I thought my life was going to be better.”


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