What’s Messi’s next move?

By Piyush


Lionel Messi has not yet fulfilled his first season at Paris Saint-Germain, but the rumours are already scattering regarding what his next move will be.

He signed a two-year agreement with PSG and it is anticipated that he will not only complete the current season with them, but will likely also play next season there. However after that, who knows?

This week we have seen the few whispers of what might be the next move for the football star. There seem to be three choices: a return to FC Barcelona, another year at PSG, or a move to MLS.

It began with a Spanish journalist who stated that Barcelona was wishing to make a salute for Messi in 2025, the club’s 125th anniversary and the first in a new stadium.

Then came a report from a show in Barcelona that stated Messi had eliminated going back to Barcelona in 2022, but that was possible in 2023. Whilst the journalist emphasized that he was not saying it was unavoidable, the report stated that he could plausibly return to Barcelona for one more year before moving to MLS.

And it concluded with one last Tweet from another Spanish journalist, who cited that Messi himself does not know what he will do succeeding 2 years at PSG.

However, it is understood that going to MLS or staying one more year at PSG are likely options than going back to the Camp Nou.


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