UAE authorities order arrests over odd rampage at Football game

By Piyush


A football game in the United Arab Emirates exploded into violent fights between angry fans of opposing teams, an odd scenario of mayhem that led authorities to call for the arrest of “all agitators.”

Public prosecutors in the capital of Abu Dhabi presented an order on Sunday to arrest those who initiated the rampage at the game between the Al Ain and Al Wahda clubs, cautioning authorities “will respond firmly” and pleading “sportsmanship among club fans to avoid endangering the lives and safety of others.”

The statement on the UAE’s news agency did not gave details on the number of arrested.

Footage published on social media depicted Emirati fans crowding onto the field in their traditional white kanduras and begin attacking players as security guards rushed to stop them.

Another video displayed groups of men beating and throwing shoes at each other in the stadium stands.

The incident was a rare flare of violence. Protests, demonstrations, and political expression are heavily repressed.

Al Ain trounced Al Wahda in the game (1-0), making their lead at the top of the league this season to seven points.



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