Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its effect on football


Thursday 24th February, 2022 saw the shocking but inevitable news of the Russian army invading Ukraine. The moment the world feared came true and there is bound to be huge economic, political and diplomatic ramifications. While the political and diplomatic ramifications are yet to be seen, sporting world could witness the fall out because of this move.

Chelsea’s owner under pressure –

Roman Abramovich became the owner of Chelsea Football Club in 2003. With him came the success and titles with the recent title being their 2nd Champions League Title. They recently won the club world cup and are still the race for UEFA Champions league and sit 3rd in the EPL table. There is growing chorus in the English parliament to freeze the Chelsea’s Russian owner’s assets. If the assets of Roman Abramovich are indeed freezed it could prove fatal to the future of Chelsea FC. The team has done a lot of investments and it could lead the blues into economic turmoil.

Manchester United near snap ties with Aeroflot –

Aeroflot is Russia’s national airline and has been a Manchester United sponsor since 2013. When United travelled to Spain last week for the Champions League tie, they used Titan. According to sources new Manchester United CEO Richard Arnold doesn’t plan on signing a new deal with the Russian airline.

Champions league final to be moved?

Gazprom Arena in St . Petersburg is scheduled to hold the final of the 2022 champions league. There are calls for UEFA to shift the final to Paris in the wake of Russian war against Ukraine. The UEFA still hasn’t made any decision regarding this and their final answer is still awaited.

The world is keeping a close eye on how this latest political thaw will affect the Russians in the sporting world. The fallout was expected and if Abramovic gets stripped of his ownership rights at Chelsea, it could throw the footballing world into turmoil. The fate of Chelsea players and its staff are also thrown up into the air, one hopes sense prevails and the world gets to see peace once again.


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