Reports: Ramiz Raja to be dismissed as Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board

By Piyush


As per reports on the Cricket Pakistan site, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) could replace their current chairman, Ramiz Raja, in the forthcoming federal cabinet meeting.

The rumours of his removal had settled down after a whilst but they have once again came up after sources disclosed that Ramiz apace with Asad Ali Khan, could be sacked from the Board of Governors (BoG).

As is the procedure, the Prime Minister, Shehbaz Sharif will name a new PCB chairman under Article 47 of the board’s constitution, similar to former PM, Imran Khan’s authentication of Ramiz as the new chairman.

As the report, several high-ranking officials have ratified the idea of replacing Ramiz.

The PM has also met the possible candidates, Najam Sethi, Zaka Ashraf, and Khalid Mahmood.

After Imran Khan’s departure as the PM, Ramiz had also mentioned the possibility of quitting.

Furthermore, it was also unveiled that he received the backing of a high-ranking official who was happy with Ramiz’s performance at the wheel.

They are also eager on bringing changes at the domestic level, something that Ramiz has mentioned his concern over and has also taken a few steps to do the same.

However, the government will be unable to change the PCB chairman under the present PCB constitution.

Nevertheless, if there are changes in the constitution, the government reserves the right to withdraw its nominations for the board.


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