Report: Barcelona forward arrested

By Piyush


Many of the Barcelona players were seen spending their off-season break in Ibiza this summer.

Even the club’s top aim Robert Lewandowski was spotted on the island, apace with several other footballing superstars.

As per a report Barcelona player was involved in a controversy for all the wrong reasons.

Report discloses a Barcelona striker was arrested due to “excessive alcohol intake” at the end of last month.

Though the report has not disclosed the name of the Barcelona player, but the report suggests it was a forward, who had united with the club last season and was arrested on 25th of June at the Eladio Carrion concert.

The forward was also impassionate about luxury cars, making Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a clear suspect. The player was found positive in the alcohol blood test and was penalized to the local alcohol control board.

Picture Credits: Barca News

Along with Aubameyang, Ferran Torres is another candidate as he was pictured apace with Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi in Ibiza.

Memphis Depay, too, is a suspect, having also shook hands with the club last season.


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