Pochettino could quit PSG following Champions League way out

By Piyush


Mauricio Pochettino is among the leading contestants to be Red Devil’s new boss.

He looked after PSG’s way out from the Champions League on Wednesday night, as the club fell down once again.

They were leading at 2-0 on aggregate prior Karim Benzema took over and weaknesses took hold of PSG, which means that their Champions League dream is gone for another year.

And, according to reports, Pochettino could straight away pay with his job.

They affirm that Pochettino is facing to be dismiss and there is the chance that he could go now instead of waiting till the end of the season.

That does contradict with what PSG sporting director stated after the game to RMC Sport: “We must not throw everything away and put everything in the trash. We don’t have to start all over again with each defeat.”

“The objective is to win the Champions League, and until half-time of this match we were fine.”

“We must try to improve this team and keep the morale up to play in Ligue 1 and end the season well. We have to stay together. Pochettino is still in the draft this season. Now is not the time to think about that.”

Those comments showed that PSG were set to show some trust and patience but those qualities have often been in less in the French giant.

And if Pochettino knows he is gone at the season’s end, it might be better for everyone if he is dismissed now.

If Pochettino was dismissed now, it would alter the perspective of things at Manchester United. He would become easier to get.

Considering he is United’s favoured candidate and the fates make him available and easier to talk to, then superb.

However, Red Devils should avoid inclining towards Pochettino if he does become available just because of the fact that it is an easy option.


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