KSA prohibits football players, officials for on-ground collision

By Piyush


The Kolhapur Sports Association (KSA) that organizes sports events in the city — has beseeched disciplinary action against players and officials of 2 football teams, Patakadil Talim Mandal and Shri Shivaji Tarun Mandal, who collided during a match.

The brawl took place during the final of Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj Chashak Football tourney conducted by the district sports administration and the KSA.

The tournament was organised to mark the death centenary of Shahu Maharaj.

Coaches and managers of both teams also got jumbled in the fight. Afterwards, KSA’s president Malojiraje Chhatrapati had to step in to stop fight.

Rajendra Dalvi, joint secretary of KSA, issued notices to the team heads and officials notifying them about the disciplinary action.

The players involved in the fight have been prohibited from playing 3 games, whilst the coaches and officials have been handed a prohibition for 2 matches.


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