How this Indian Sports Media Startup is making its way globally!

Sidhhant Agarwal, Yash Bhagwatkar and Shubhangi Gupta,
SportVot Founders Sidhhant Agarwal, Yash Bhagwatkar and Shubhangi Gupta


No matter how well you swing a bat, dribble a ball or score a raid point, if there’s no one around to watch it, you might not get noticed. This is why, in this digital world, the internet is what everyone turns to when they need to be heard, seen, or recognised. That recognition is something that SportVot, India’s first Sports Digital TV for Hyperlocal, National, and even International leagues, is providing to players that
are trying to make it big.

“There are very few things that can bring an entire nation together and in India, sporting events do that on a scale that nothing else can achieve,” says, Sidhhant Agarwal, Founder & CEO, SportVot.

“While international tournaments like the ICC World Cup is something that every household tunes into, there’s a growing demand for Local coverage of all kinds of sports. In this growing digital age, we decided to bring that and so much more to pocket screens, while also creating a community that can bond over these events that matter to them. It’s this very community that helps us realize our larger vision – bringing attention to the lesser-known talent that exists in the hyperlocal circuits, giving them an opportunity to be noticed and thus a chance at using their skills to go beyond their current situation.”

“Players in local leagues are always looking for opportunities to be a part of bigger teams, be noticed by recruiters/scouts or even get signed on by big clubs or coaching academies. Visibility on SportVot allows budding talent in these pockets to gain eyeballs and has even led to small-town stars making it to the big leagues. Recognition among their peers, especially due to SportVot’s social media sharing integration gives these players their own fandom, and the reach of the platform takes their stories to where they need to go, making the platform their natural springboard to success,” says, Yash Bhagwatkar, Co-Founder & COO of SportVot.

Led by 3 founders, Sidhhant Agarwal, Yash Bhagwatkar and Shubhangi Gupta, this startup aims at discovering sports talent from the grassroots of India and creating a strong sports community. They have been able to do this by creating their own unique sports media technology to make local sports streaming more easy, cheap and accessible to the sports ecosystem. They have made streaming sports tournaments a one click process with the use of a smartphone. The Sportvot streaming suite enables these tournament organizers and clubs to make their tournaments fully digital right from producing multilingual interactive streams, automated highlights, scoring to fixture management. This, in turn, makes these games and the athletes participating in them more marketable and discoverable to a wider audience.

“In 12 months we have managed to build our presence in local areas of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Kerala and Delhi by covering 5000+ games across 56 different sports, profiling 20,000+ athletes, and building a strong community of more than a million sports enthusiasts on our digital channels. This passionate sports community of tier -2, tier-3 and rural areas of India helps us to get more brand sponsorships which in turn assist these unique sports talent, and even tournaments, to get more support and visibility,” says Shubhangi, Co-Founder and Marketing Head of SportVot.

And recently, they have been selected as one of the 10 startups of the 2021 Startup bootcamp Australia, Sports and Event Tech cohort. With the help of this accelerator programme, they will be able to advance their tech system to support the Australian, or even global sports market!




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