FIR filed against Bihar Cricket Association President

By Piyush


FIR has been filed against Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) President Rakesh Kumar Tiwari for sexually tormenting a woman at a five-star hotel in Delhi, officials stated.

As per FIR, the Woman, who has reportedly been sexually assaulted by the Bihar Cricket Association President Rakesh Kumar Tiwari, is from a company that is engaged in sports management, event management and advertisement.

According to FIR, the petitioner’s company was allocated the job of handling and managing advertisement, branding and campaign of the league, which was declared by the BCA in March 2021, and after the work was completed the complainant’s company had submitted the bill to the Bihar Cricket Association (BCA) in April 2021.

The complainant has claimed that she had asked for the payment from the BCA President and he asked her to come to a five-star hotel in central Delhi to acquire the payment for the work.

The lady went to the hotel on 12th of July and she was reportedly sexually assaulted by the accused inside a room, according to the FIR.

She anyhow managed to thrust the BCA President to come out of the room and the petitioner immediately rang her brother to notify him about the incident.

Following that, the brother of the lady had called BCA President, who allegedly apologised for his deeds and stated it won’t happen in future, and ensured the complainant to free the bills for her company as per FIR.

Nevertheless, BCA President had invited them to the hotel to discuss the payment and they went to the hotel room on 23rd of July. The indicted asked the petitioner’s brother to take a bag from the room to the hotel reception and when he went outdoor, Tiwari reportedly touched the woman unsuitably and she repelled and notified her brother about the deeds, according to FIR.

For now, the case has been booked at Parliament Street police station under applicable sections of the IPC and it is being inspected.


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