FIFA World Cup 2022: Russian Football Federation rests plead against FIFA prohibition

By Piyush


Russia’s Football Federation has dropped plead against FIFA’s World Cup interruption that was forced following the country’s seizure of Ukraine.

The Football Union of Russia had demurred against the prohibition but the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) states the FUR has now withdrawn that plea.

Russia had qualified to play against Poland in a play-off semi-final however the Poland instead got a bye to face Sweden.

Nevertheless, Russia will resume to fight bans from other sporting tournaments.

Those involve UEFA’s restriction on Russian sides taking part in European club tourneys, like Spartak Moscow’s emission from the Europa League.

UEFA have also restricted the Russian women’s national team from taking part in Euro 2022 in England this summer as a number of countries have denied to play against Russian opposition.

The 2022 Champions League final, which was due to be played in St Petersburg on 28th of May, has also been rescheduled to Paris.

Russia has also filed pleas seeking the reversal of its bans from International gymnastics, rugby, rowing, and skating events.



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