Wimbledon: ‘Miss’ and ‘Mrs’ to be removed from honours boards

By Piyush


Wimbledon will rest the titles “Miss” and “Mrs” ahead of the names of female winners on its honour boards to match the men’s boards in an effort to modernize the tourney.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club has habitually used the titles just for women – Ash Barty, last year’s champion was mentioned as “Miss A. Barty” on the other hand men’s winner Novak Djokovic came up on the board as “N. Djokovic”.

In 2019, organisers did away with the use of labels when declaring scores in women’s games but the events continue to be introduced as “gentlemen’s singles” and “ladies’ singles”.

The modification will also put an end to married women being recognized by both the initials and surnames of their husbands.


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