India women’s team captain Harmanpreet Kaur stated in a interview “forcefully played” in wet conditions within the initial T20 International against England here, leading to a nine-wicket defeat for the tourists.

India defeated England at the Commonwealth Games semi-final simply a month agone, however the T20 series didn’t begin well for them on Saturday night.

“We were not able to get the runs we were expecting. I just feel we forcefully played because conditions were not 100 percent fit to play,” Harmanpreet said after the match.

Nonetheless, the Indian skipper backed her teammates and other that despite the wet conditions that may have resulted in injuries anytime, everybody within he team continuing to present their best.

“Still I am happy the way girls put the effort because when there are chances to get injured but they are ready to play.

“That’s what you need to have team-mates in the team (for) who can score in whatever conditions and I am happy the way we put our efforts,” she further said.

India conjointly concluded up losing a key member of the aspect once Radha Yadav’s diving effort within the second over of England’s chase resulted during a shoulder injury and also the latter left the feild in pain.

The 23-year-old’s sharp departure from the feild meant that India were wanting a bowler which may have turned things around for the guests.

“I know it was not 100% conditions to play cricket and still we were putting efforts.

“I know the ground was too wet and there were so many chances to get injured and one of our players got injured also. She was our main bowler and that’s why we were lacking,” Harmanpreet noted.

“We were one bowler short and the way we were trying to put efforts (meant a lot),” she said. “I am really happy girls were coming forward to give 100%,” she added.


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