UEFA worried to move Champions League final from Saint Petersburg in view of Russia-Ukraine pull

By Piyush


UEFA in view of moving this season’s Champions League final away from St Petersburg concerning the threat of conflict betwixt Russia and Ukraine.

The action comes as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson states there is “no chance” Russia will be permitted to organize major football tourneys as a result of its decision to “invade a sovereign country.”

The Champions League final is due to be played at the Gazprom Arena on May 28th however the location is now under inspection, with UEFA assured it would be able to relocate the venue.

The governing body has previously been able to move reputaable events at short notice, counting the last two Champions League finals.

The 2021 final – which showcased Chelsea trounce Manchester City – was also organized to be played in Saint Petersburg, but was ultimately held in Porto because of COVID-19 travel conditions.

COVID-19 also saw the 2020 final relocated from Istanbul to Lisbon, where Bayern Munich vanquished PSG.

Wembley would likely be an alternative venue if Saint Petersburg is denied of organizing rights, though the English Football League play-offs are supposed to be played there on the same weekend.


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