UEFA to conduct international football tourney for refugees

By Piyush


The European game’s governing body states the Unity Euro Cup will feature 8 teams and will occur in Switzerland.

A new international football tourney for refugees will be conducted at the end of this month.

Teams will be made up of 70% refugee and 30% non-refugee players and it will conduct on 29th of June in Nyon, Switzerland, where UEFA’s HQ is based.

The Unity Euro Cup is a friendly tournament and will have teams from Austria, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, the Republic of Ireland and Switzerland.

Its target is to bolster links between communities and displaced people through football. The statement of the tournament was made on World Refugee Day.

UEFA signed a cooperation agreement with the United Nations Refugee Agency last year as parts of its ‘Strength Through Unity’ strategy.

UEFA’s head of football and social responsibility, Michele Uva, stated, “Today, on World Refugee Day, UEFA honours the strength and courage of refugees together with UNHCR.”

“Our common goal is to help refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people to remain physically and mentally healthy and become part of their host community through the power of football.”


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