They are killing the Entertainment in T20 Cricket, voices Chris Gayle on Present Openers

By Piyush


Smash-hitting West Indies batsman Chris Gayle has lambasted the present-day openers for “killing the entertainment” in T20 cricket with their watchful approach in the power plays.

He stated that the T10 is setting new levels when it comes to fierce batting.

“I think, with T10 cricket, that’s how T20 cricket started. From the first over, batters used to go but T20 cricket has slowed down dramatically and T10 cricket has now raised the bar a bit,” Gayle stated in a statement.

“They’re killing the entertainment in T20 cricket, straight up, because in those first six overs, we can get more as openers but guys are taking their own time.”

“Sometimes they bat to get a score and they take away from the fire they should be bringing to the batting department in the first six overs, but T10 is spot on and hopefully, we’ll see more T10 coming around.”

Gayle voiced, “I don’t know why batters get so cagey during the first six overs. When T20 cricket started, guys were going from ball one, if you really check the history of T20 cricket looking back on it.”

“I don’t like that fact, I think we should go hard, keep the entertainment that is within the game of T20 cricket and continue to keep that aggression in the first six overs.”

Gayle’s Team Abu Dhabi are presently top of the Abu Dhabi T10 table with five wins from five matches played.

Gayle is confident that this could be the year that Team Abu Dhabi secure their first T10 title.


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