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Check out another exciting production by Sportzoclock team. Shoot about Brambles with Cricket Presenter and Anchor Suhaas Vedham. Do you know what is it?

Every year 2 teams gather for a most unusual cricket game; on a sand bank in the middle of the River Solent called the Brambles. It is located on the strait of the English Channel, between the mainland coast of the county of Hampshire, England, and the northwestern coast of the Isle of Wight.

The Brambles are only exposed at the lowest tides around spring and autumn where the water that covers it ebbs away altogether. Each September there is enough sand uncovered for a game of cricket between 2 sailing clubs; The Royal Southern Yacht club from Hamble against the Island Sailing Club from Cowes.

The History of the match can be traced back some 50 years to its founder Uffa Fox; a famous sailor and the man who taught the Royal family to sail in 1972. But after his death the cricket match had a long lapse until in 1981 the custom was revived. The day turned into a fine early evening as the last of the tide receded and a flotilla of sailing and power boats headed towards the Brambles carrying the two teams and some 200 spectators. The teams waded ashore armed with stumps, bats and a scoreboard. No time is wasted getting the game started as its length is naturally determined by the ever-present waters of the Solent lapping inexorably closer as play progresses. The teams play a limited over game.

The succession of puddles gives cricket on the Brambles a quality of its own as fielding involves a sequence of watery pratfalls. The style of play does differ somewhat from the that of the average game. The batsman have to try and keep their footing on the waterlogged sands and a large number of cricket balls are kept in reserve as sixes tend to get lost in the Solent, but the rules are the same as the traditional game.

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