Renowned Jamacian sprinter Usain Bolt determined to play IPL

By Piyush


Usain Bolt has expressed his wish to play in the filthy rich T20 league. During a recent communication with Hindustan Times, Bolt disclosed that he wants to get back to shape and present in the IPL.

When inquired if he would like to feature in the upcoming IPL 2022, commencing next year, Bolt stated, “Definitely. I will get my training on. I’ll get fit and get ready. The two main sports in Jamaica at the time was actually was football and cricket.”

“I was a massive fan of cricket because my dad was a fan of it. He watched it every day, every chance you get, you would watch all the teams play so I grew up watching cricket.”

“When I was really small I loved Pakistan cricket team. Waqar (Younis) was one of the greatest Pakistan bowlers ever, and I was a bowler, so I really enjoyed watching him. I was a big Pakistan fan until I got older when I noticed that I should actually support my home team,” appended Bolt.

Bolt has formerly played cricket matches in promotional events during his tours to India. He played a game with Yuvraj Singh and later took the tracks to race versus the Indian cricketer.

Prior retiring, Bolt had 8 Olympic gold medals, counting 3 back-to-back 100m gold medals. He became the first individual to triumph both the 100m and 200m at the same version of the Olympics since American Carl Lewis in 1984. Bolt crashed both the 100m and 200m world records in Beijing finishing in a time of 9.58 sec and 19.19 sec, respectively.

After withdrawing, Usain also gave trials in top tier football clubs in chase to become a professional footballer. In spite of scoring a couple of times in the trials for Australian A-League team Central Coast Mariners, Bolt flunked to get himself a contract.


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