Haryana’s Yash triumphs U18 Javelin Gold

By Piyush


A 17 year old boy, Yash from Haryana triumphed the 4th Athletics Federation of India India (AFI) Open Javelin Throwing Competition (Open Javelin Throw Competition).

He secured the gold medal in the boys’ Under-18 category.

He covered a distance of 67.42 meters in his opening throw at the JRD Tata Sports Complex here in Jamshedpur.

This is the best performance by an Indian athlete at the Under-18 level since September 2019.

He then covered 65.21, 63.24, 64.05, 65.46 and 57.85 metres. Concurrently, Disha of Delhi earned the gold medal with 34.87 meters in the girls’ under-16 category.



Boys’ Under-18 (700 g): 1. Yash (Haryana) 67.42 m; 2. Himanshu Mishra (Madhya Pradesh) 66.40; 3. Sanoj Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 60.92

Girls’ U-16 (500 g): 1. Disha (Delhi) 34.87 m; 2. Muskan Patel (Uttar Pradesh) 34.30; 3. Tanisha Yadav (Rajasthan) 31.20.


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