Super4 Enters Fantasy Gaming Sector succeed to get INR 10 Cr. Seed Fund, India Ka Apna Gaming App” one of the emerging players in the fantasy gaming sector has today announced its entry into the market with an initial seed funding.

Witnessing the growth of fantasy gaming in India and the growth of customer interest in the sector, Super4 comes with a fresh approach to transition the fantasy gaming world for cricket fans across India.

Acquiring of INR 10 crores from Indian Investors, Super4 intends to all  ready to diversify and strengthen its team across multiple verticals and revitalise its venture into the fantasy gaming market. At present, the application has a customer base of around 10,000 users and the company expects to grow to over one million users and generate approximate revenue of over 5MN by the end of 2023.

Founder & Director, Super4,on the launch of the application stated, “We are excited to launch Super4, a first-of-its-kind fantasy sports platform which is easy to use, yet has an exciting game-play that leverages a gamer’s skill to give fantasy sports fanatics the ultimate thrill of competing in real-time against one another and to have an understanding of cricket as a whole through reading pitch conditions and the effect of the overall environment on the game and its predictions(should we use word prediction.? We thank our stakeholders and well-wishers for their continuous support and trust in us”

The application allows cricket fans and enthusiasts across India to create teams prior to the start of a match but unlike other promising apps, Super4 provides fans with India’s first-everCricket scorecard empowering fans to create fantasy scoreboards of first innings after a progressive self-study of the pitch and the match conditions.

The users can gather maximum points out of both innings to increase their tally on the leader board in create team and win grand prizes.

The  application enables  fans and enthusiasts to also play multiple different games for instance- Quizee, Cricket, etc. while the match is on to make the whole fantasy encounter more appealing  and engaging.

The availability of application across India on both the platforms Android ( and iOS (app store) for fans to download and start the action. The company is delivering discounts (joining bonus-1100 and referral bonus-1000 and in scoreboard one can use 20 percent of their bonus amount.) and cash bonus options for their fans on launch of their application.

Enthusiasts and fans will get an wonderful opportunity to get a maximum price of INR 1,00,000 during the Asia Cup and other attractive offers in the different prize pool categories.


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