FIBA prohibits Russia and Belarus from international tournaments

By Piyush


The International Basketball Federation (IFB) on Wednesday prohibited Russia and Belarus from taking part and conducting international competitions until further notice after the Russian seizure of Ukraine.

The men’s team of Russia and Belarus have been removed from European qualifiers for the World Cup next year and are not are not being replaced.

Russia has called the seizure a ‘special military operation’ whilst Belarus has served as a crucial staging area.

Russia’s women’s team, who were about to play in the World Cup in Australia this year, have been removed and replaced by Puerto Rico, whilst the U-17 women’s team of Russia have been replaced with Serbia for the World Cup in Hungary.

Neither country is permitted to take part in 3X3 tournaments this year, counting the World Cup.

Plethora of sports federations have debarred Russia and Belarusian athletes and officials, and shifted or abandoned events in the nations.


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