Delhi Sports University agrees MoU with University of East London

By Piyush


A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been agreed between Delhi Sports University (DSU) and University of East London (UEL) with the target of smoothening an exchange of knowledge, research, teachers and students.

The DSU is a new institute of the Delhi government and its first session is yet to start.

“At this stage of inception, our partnership with UEL holds the importance of being the first international tie-up for mutual co-creation and innovation. As DSU establishes itself in the world of sports, we aim to rise up to the global standards in terms of sports performance, training and research and we are happy to receive UEL’s guidance in doing so,” stated a DSU statement.

The MOU was signed in front of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, International Director, UK Universities, Vivienne Stern, Country Director of British Council India Barbara Wickham, DSU Vice Chancellor Karnam Malleswari, and others.

“We look forward to working together towards advancement in the field of sports and provide our sportspersons with an environment of excellence to support their journeys…Through DSU, the government aims to remove all the potential barriers that a budding sportsperson in India might face. The university will be providing an equal and fair chance to all those who want to represent India at the international stage. Apart from world-class training and infrastructure, they will also receive support through sports science to enhance their performance,” the DSU statement further added.

“There’s a nagging feeling in every Indian’s heart that despite being a country of 130 crore people, we have only won a handful of medals. Delhi Sports Policy aims to nurture a culture of sports that can catapult underprivileged children to the global arena. Delhi Sports University doesn’t belong to Delhi alone; we’ve developed it for every single Indian out there,” stated Kejriwal.

The Delhi government will make sure that talent from across the country makes it to DSU, he further said.

“We will scout talent all over India. In the coming days, this agreement will prove to be historic not just for Delhi Sports University but for athletes all over India,” the CM of Delhi stated.

Kejriwal said that the government would be working on MOUs along with other institutions too to draw from their experience.

“I am deeply elated to have signed this agreement with the University of East London in such a short period of time since the inception of Delhi Sports University. It is a crucial milestone in DSU’s journey that such a renowned foreign university got on board with us,” Kejriwal stated.

“They have a deep and meaningful relationship with the Olympics and that will benefit us in realising our dream.”


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