Barcelona away kit revealed for the 2022-2023 season

By Piyush


As per reports the design concepts of FC Barcelona’s away kits for the forthcoming season are revealed with the shirt set to be disclosed officially very soon.

With dark navy blue logos, the kit has a fierce golden background, which is reputedly hint to the 1992 Olympics which were conducted in the city of Barcelona on their 30th anniversary.

The relationship of the Olympics seems to be a chief for the club’s kits this season, with the Barcelona pre-match kits also having been disclosed with colour schemes similar to the medal ribbons from 1992.

This particular away kit focuses mainly on the gold medals, and the feature colours of the Olympic rings feature on the sleeve cuffs, with the same colour scheme repeating on the socks in small bands.

A more fine design on the kit’s canvas is the layout of a map of the city of Barcelona, with eminent streets and blocks of houses featuring in the pattern.

The 2019-20 home kit with the square block design was also purportedly a homage to the grid-like layout of Barcelona’s streets, however the 22-23 away kit is a much more straight tribute to the city.


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