Aston Villa at ease of appointing Steven Gerrard as New Manager

By Piyush


Aston Villa are now at ease of naming Steven Gerrard on a deep-rooted deal as their new manager, with acceptance of the appointment possible by the end of this week.

Although nothing has been said openly by either club, Rangers are privately losing Gerrard, whom they recruited in the summer of 2018. Villa, who dismissed Dean Smith on Sunday, instantly recognized Gerrard as their top aim.

Gerrard has a connection to Christian Purslow, the Villa chief executive, by virtue of the final’s time as Liverpool’s MD.

Remuneration to Rangers, widely reported as around £3m, will not prove tricky at all to the Midlands club. Gerrard and his coaching staff had contracts with Rangers until 2024 but there was always a concern, the manager could be induced by a first managerial role in the Premier League.


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