Sergio Aguero to announce his retirement from football on Wednesday

By Piyush


Sergio Aguero is set to announce his retirement from football in a ‘special ceremony on Wednesda’ after grappling with heart problems.

Aguero was discovered with cardiac arrhythmia after encountering chest pains while playing for Barcelona last month.

According to Marca, he was initially told to rest for quarter of months, but is now pondering to step down from football permanently at just 33 years old.

Aguero was recruited by Barcelona on a free transfer last summer from Manchester City and was making his debut for his new club facing Alaves when he had chest pains.

The striker needed on-pitch medical attention shortly prior half-time having complained of blurred-vision.

There was growing anguish in the stadium as Aguero laid down on the pitch, he had his hand placed on his chest.

He spent the next two days in hospital and was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia following undergoing several tests.

However, it has now been released that the seriousness of his condition was extreme than first thought.

Consequently, Aguero will declare his retirement from football at a special ceremony at the club on Wednesday.

Voicing after the incident took place, Aguero thanked the Barcelona fans for the messages of support he had received.

Aguero stated: “Hey Culers! Sending you all a big hug! Thank you for all the messages of support. Now it’s time to recover and wait for more news. Sending you all a big hug.”

The incident also gave rise to an immense support at his former club Manchester City.

Amongst those to send their well wishes was manager Pep Guardiola. He stated: “I spoke with his agent. It’s difficult news for him and his family. We wish him well from all our people. Our chairman, we wish him a safe recovery. Health and life more important than anything else.”

“He is in good hands, he takes care of himself, and we wish him a safe recovery and come back if he can – otherwise enjoy his life and what he has done. Be careful and be safe for the rest of his life.”


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