Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich convey Harmony with Ukraine

By Piyush


Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski on Saturday showcased his support for the people of Ukraine after Russia’s invasion.

Lewandowski, who was announced the Best FIFA Men’s Player of Year 2021 recently, took to social media to convey his harmony with the people of Ukraine.

Lewandowski posted a message on twitter in Polish stating, “Everything that is beautiful in sports is contradictory to what war brings. For all people who value freedom and peace, this is a time of solidarity with the victims of military aggression against Ukraine.”

The striker’s club too issued a statement on social media showcasing harmony with the people of Ukraine, who are under attack from the Russian army for the third uninterrupted day.

“FC Bayern supports the city of Munich in its signs of peace and solidarity with the Ukraine and the twin city of Kiev,” a statement from the club stated.

The football world has reacted strongly to the seizure of Ukraine, with Europe’s football governing body UEFA considering to move the Champions League final from St Petersburg to Paris to be played on the original date of May 28.


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