Retirement rumours for Barcelona’s striker

By Piyush


Sergio Aguero could apparently have to quit football by reason of his heart problem, according to a dismay report in Spain.

Manchester City’s all-time forefront striker suffered breathing problems while playing for new club FCB against Alaves at the Nou Camp last month.

The 33-year-old was taken to hospital for cardiac tests and will not play again for at least the next quarter while further examinations are executed.

This recent report reflects that ‘the medical resonances and stress tests that he has undergone in recent days are detailing that the heart problem is more serious than it was initially valued’ at first.

And that could yield Aguero being ‘incompatible’ with pro football ‘at a level required by Barcelona’.

No official statement has been made regarding Aguero’s condition from the club.

The player himself has taken to twitter to address anxious fans to give an update on his situation.

He said: “Given the rumours, I tell them that I am following the indications of the club’s doctors, doing tests and treatment and seeing my progress within 90 days. Always positive”


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