IPL 2022: BCCI initiates the New Rules

By Piyush


The IPL 2022 is all set to start on 26th of March at the Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, with a match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.

However, this year’s tourney will see some new rules into action.

COVID-19 rule:  Previous year, the playing conditions specified that if a team is not able to field a playing 11 due to COVID-19 breakout, then the BCCI will attempt to reorganize the particular game. If reorganizing is not possible then the team unable to field players would considered to have lost the game and the opponent being granted 2 points.

The IPL 2022 rule:  Now, the BCCI has eradicated the losing the match part and modified that as the matter will be raised to the IPL Technical Committee with its decision. Nevertheless, if there is a breakout of COVID-19 and a team is not able to take the field, then the first step remains an attempt to reorganize the game.

DRS Rule:  In a variance from previous years, In IPL 2022, the BCCI has decided to surge the number of referrals per team from 1 to 2.

New batsman Rule:  In IPL 2022, the BCCI has also decided to follow the change accomplished by the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) concerning to incoming batsman after a catch dismissal. Now on a catch dismissal, the entering batsman will take strike no matter the batsmen have crossed over not. This will not be in trend if the dismissal took place in the final ball of the over.

Super Over Rule in IPL 2022:  The BCCI has decided that if the Super Over cannot be conducted for some reason following regular play time or the successive Super Overs cannot be performed to break the tie, then the team that ended higher in the league table will be announced as winner.

Play-off and Final Venue:  The IPL 2022 league stage will be conducted across venues at Mumbai and Pune. The BCCI, has notified the 10 teams that they can stage the IPL Play-off and Final games at a location on their preference. Ahmedabad is the current contender to conduct the Play-offs and final matches.


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