FC Barcelona owe €50 million to defender in delayed salary

By Piyush


With the season coming to an end, Barcelona’s chances in the summer transfer window are being ruined by an innumerable economic issues, borne from years of maladministration.

Barcelona already owes millions to banks for unsettled debts whilst their overall spending limit was lowered to a negative figure by La Liga before this March, effectively excluding them from registering new players until they equalize the books.

If the preceding financial troubles were not enough, as per a report another shocking product of the club’s mismanagement, with Barca reputedly owing €50 million to Gerard Pique as due salary.

Pique, who has been a crucial part of the current Barcelona setup since 2008, has had a cumbersome year so far.

The defender had involvement in the Spanish Super Cup deal with RFEF president Luis Rubiales whilst his teammates were unhappy with his current agreement.

Pique is truly the highest-paid player in the Barca setup at the moment. However, it seems the club have €50 million due, after crashing to pay Pique’s salary year after year.

Although the defender is yet to make an issue about the unpaid salary, the situation is quite terrible from Barcelona’s point of view.

Especially if the Barca plan to move on from Pique in the coming year, the unpaid salary could see the club force themselves into another serious financial situation.

Still, there is hope the situation will smoothen in the coming years under the leadership of Joan Laporta.

The sponsorship comtracts with Spotify, CVC Capital and the sale of Barca Studio could go a long way in assisting the club balance the books.

Barcelona may also depend heavily on player sales to generate the additional income and considering the current situation.


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