Rohit Sharma slams Ravi Shastri on ‘overconfidence’ remark


Indian captain Rohit Sharma termed as ‘nonsense’ the comments made by head coach Ravi Shastri that the Indian team lost the Indore Test against Australia due to overconfidence. Shastri was the head coach of the Indian team for six out of seven years after 2014. Commenting on India’s nine-wicket defeat at the hands of Australia in the third Test, he said that the Indian team was a bit complacent and overconfident where they took things for granted.

Captain Rohit has maintained his calm, composure and dignity in the last 18 months but when asked about the former coach’s assessment of the third Test match, he replied very firmly. Rohit said on the eve of the fourth and final Test match, “To be honest, when you win two matches, people outside think that we are overconfident. It is complete nonsense because you win all four matches.” Want to do my best.”

He said, “You don’t want to stop after winning two matches. It is as simple as that. Surely all these people when they talk about overconfidence and especially when they are not part of the dressing room, they do not know.” That’s the kind of discussion that happened in the dressing room.” Rohit’s reply was to a man who till recently was the chief strategist of the team. “We want to give our best in all the matches and if it looks like overconfidence or anything like that to an outsider, it doesn’t really matter to us,” the Indian skipper said.

Rohit said, “Ravi himself has been a part of this dressing room and he knows the kind of mindset we have when we play. It is not about being overconfident but being ruthless. Ruthless is the word that every It comes to the cricketer’s mind and it is about not giving the opposition the slightest chance when they are on a foreign tour. We feel the same way when we tour abroad.”


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