On Monday the wiz-kid Indian Grandmaster Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu defeated, for the third time in just six months, world champion Magnus Carlsen  with the latest victory coming at the FTX Crypto Cup, in Miami, at the American finale of Champions Chess Tour.

It was a sense of doubt on the face of  Carlsen when Rameshbabu defeated him in the blitz tiebreak after the attaining the score was tied 2-2 at the finish of the regulation game.

Magnus was at the end of securing the game, but he gafe against Praggnanandhaa just when he was on the edge of forcing Armageddon.

Magnus conquer the event on the basis of a higher score, and Rameshbabu got second position.

Rameshbabu had a kick start in the tournament as he started off with four back to back wins, incorporates a thumping 3-1 success over world No.6 Levon Aronian.

Praggnanandhaa had begins his journey with victory over Alireza Firouzja, the Indian genius has afterwards beaten Anish Giri and Hans Nieman.

In the fifth round the marathon of Rameshbabu winning came to an end at the hands of China’s Quang Liem Le.


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