M S Dhoni has gone to the Madras high court to initiate contempt proceedings and issue summons to IPS officer G Sampath Kumar for his alleged statements against the Supreme Court and bound senior counsels within the matter relating match-fixing.

The case was listed, however wasn’t detected nowadays. In 2014, Dhoni filed a suit to for good restrain Sampath Kumar, who was the then officer of Police, from creating any statement linking him (Dhoni) to match-fixing and spot-fixing of matches.

He prayed the court to direct him to pay Rs a hundred crore in respect of damages.

By an interim order passed on March eighteen, 2014, the court restrained Sampath Kumar from creating any statement against Dhoni.

When it came to notice of the Madras court, it took a similar on its come in December, 2021.

After getting consent from Advocate-General R Shanmugasundaram on July eighteen this year to file the contempt application, Dhoni most well-liked this contempt application on October eleven this year to penalize Sampath Kumar for his alleged action of constructing remarks against the judiciary in violation of the court’s interim order passed in 2014.


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